Well, its looks as though the news has been revealed over at the OBSCURA BLOG so I have been called to take action.

She…or He (not sure) had a good run. Shortly after Reed’s 18th birthday, 10 years ago, he committed to a life long relationship with one MXPX Pokinatcha Punk. The ink ran deep into his skin, much like his affliction to every 2 minute punk burst that band ever laid down on record. He showed Pokinatcha the world. He swam in many waters. Saw some dark times and many bright ones as well. Aaron was even kind enough to bring him along to his wedding this past October. He may have been hiding beneath his tux, but WE all knew he was there, listening to the vows, sharing the good times and wandering if this new era meant the end of his. Would he meet his demise? Could he die a happy little Indian? “Yes” could be heard from the howling coyotes high from the Indian plains.

We love you Pokinatcha. Thanks for the good times and most importantly….always keeping a straight face through the highs and lows. You will be missed, but not forgotten. And, even though you are covered in the shame of solid black ink, WE know your soul lies beneath it. On quiet , starry nights legend has is that “Move to Bremerton” can be heard whispering high above Seguin, Texas.

Come take the ride with me. When Aaron said it was time, there was no way I was not going along to pay my respects.

Singapore. circa 2003.

10:15am November 19, 2009 East Side Tattoo

Test fit. Pokinatcha is shaking right now.

The last kiss goodbye.

They are both smirking.

a sign of what’s to come.

Do I suspect doubt?

Last look.

The first blow to the face.

Jesus was there.

The damage is done.

Pokinatcha was unconscious at this point.

Fade to Black.

it was one of those happy kind of sad moments.

Finish line.

A new love affair emerges.

“I have a massive tattoo on my arm.”

Little brother is thinking about one too.

This day was full of decisions.

“take these broken wings and learn to fly again.”

Welcome to the new era. One which is filled with kinship, innovation and world domination.

Pokinatcha : 1999 – 2009. RIP.

Thanks for the journey.


I had a weird beard once. This is a little photo story of the day I shaved it off. Thanks to Josh McWilliams for his barber-like skills.

the weird beard.

combing through the bush.

sarcastic laugh. yes, cut it, really.

precision. focus.

maybe i should have stopped here.

the look of regret.

detachment. the hardest part of seeing a part of yourself on the floor.


Why do we take photos? Its something inside that screams out whenever we look around. The need is with us all the time. I can remember the days when I was first discovering the art of photography…I would shoot everyday. I would take roll after roll, spend countless hours in the darkroom, processing, printing and watching them dry. Why? As I got more into shooting, that question would pop in my head. It would frustrate me sometimes. Why was I spending so much time on this just to watch a stack of b/w 8×10’s stack up in my closet? The answer is…JUST BECAUSE. There is no answer, nor should we need one. its human behavior to place reason on everything we do. I think its time to place trust in the fact that we do things instinctively and thats reason enough.

As photography has become more of a profession for me over the years, that “Why” question really screams out because another answer has been fabricated….SURVIVAL. But, I’ve really worked to get that word out of my vocabulary. I’ve found that if you do what you, even when you’re not sure if its right, then you’re doing the right thing. Let go of expectations and just do it….BECAUSE.

Here’s a photo from one morning when i was on my way to a shoot. There it was…the real reason I got up that morning. The moment happened and I shot it….JUST BECAUSE.