Teva. Croatia.

We had such an amazing journey through the beautiful country of Croatia.  We based out of Dubrovnik, nestled comfortably in the south Dalmatia region of the country.  The town sits as a fortress on the border of the rich, blue Adriatic Sea.   Built to stand the test of time, most of the city was seemingly spared, despite heaving bombing during the 1991 attacks on what used to be Yugoslavia.   There’s a peaceful energy to the country.  Ones where the people take their time and truly enjoy the natural gifts they are offered all around them.  After Dubrovnik, we hoped aboard the Gulet Tango, a 60ft sailboat, and explored some of the many islands that set between Croatia and Italy.  We hiked through the Mljet National Park and explored the uninhabited island of Sveti Andrija.  I have so much gratitude for the opportunities that my passion for photography has given me.   Thank you Teva for building the dream team and creating the possibility to explore the wonders of the world.

Creative Direction:  Steve Hoskins

Brand Design:  Erin Tsukashima

Stylist:  Kira Shepard / Savanah Chonis