Josh Letchworth

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Why do we take photos? Its something inside that screams out whenever we look around. The need is with us all the time. I can remember the days when I was first discovering the art of photography…I would shoot everyday. I would take roll after roll, spend countless hours in the darkroom, processing, printing and watching them dry. Why? As I got more into shooting, that question would pop in my head. It would frustrate me sometimes. Why was I spending so much time on this just to watch a stack of b/w 8×10’s stack up in my closet? The answer is…JUST BECAUSE. There is no answer, nor should we need one. its human behavior to place reason on everything we do. I think its time to place trust in the fact that we do things instinctively and thats reason enough.

As photography has become more of a profession for me over the years, that “Why” question really screams out because another answer has been fabricated….SURVIVAL. But, I’ve really worked to get that word out of my vocabulary. I’ve found that if you do what you, even when you’re not sure if its right, then you’re doing the right thing. Let go of expectations and just do it….BECAUSE.

Here’s a photo from one morning when i was on my way to a shoot. There it was…the real reason I got up that morning. The moment happened and I shot it….JUST BECAUSE.