As the word photographer becomes preceded by the word ‘professional”, interesting things begin to happen. One is that we are always searching a ‘place” for our images. We shoot with an “end” in sight, a “home” to watch them flourish. This theory can really begin to rot your brain. I love looking back and finding images that weren’t intended for anything. That’s when i know i was fully in the moment….shooting for no other reason than just being inspired by what was in front of me.

I found these today while skimming the archives….

little nugget

i like this….

The capacity to listen to oneself determines the capacity to listen to others.

Thanks Alyssa….she started our yoga class out with that.


I got in touch with my kid spirit yesterday and went on a little photo journey to some spots off of the St. Johns River. Man, its beautiful out there. I felt like we were the only souls on earth. The wind was blowing so strong and loudly that it blocked out the sound of your thoughts. I was lost in this wild moment. We just sat and shot photos of these wild flowers blowing in the wind for a couple hours. As I was walking out of my photo closet, I saw my Littman 4×5 staring sadly at me like an old dog. i leaned over, picked her up and brought her along for the ride. Despite a little dust and some squeaky bellows, she can still make some magic. My apologies go out to her for my negligence. I promise to play with you more often.


In the ongoing battle of becoming tiresome of older images….I”ve lost again. Its a good thing though. The site updated. Go check it out. I decided to break the PORTRAITS into COLOR and B/W. I thought that would be nice. I’ve also addeda YOGA section that I will building on as I shoot more on this personal project. LIFESTYLE has new stuff in it from our winter shoots. I put them in the middle b/c i just didn’t feel right to open with those coming into summer. We wanna think warm thoughts over here.

Dive in and enjoy. Does anyone even read this thing or I am talking to myself again?