As I was sipping on my whiskey, watching Ben NIchols from Lucero jam up on The Social stage last week….I thought to myself how many amazing artists I’ve seen sweat, bleed and scream on that stage. There is something magical about it. All of the shows are very engaging. The audience is practically eye to eye with the band. We’ve done some digging around here and found some of my fondest memories captured over the years. Oh….there are more. Yes indeed. But these are some highlights for sure.

AT THE DRIVE IN.. Wow. Absolutely amazing show.

BRIGHT EYES. This was the Lifted tour with 15 members on stage.

CURSIVE. Mr.Tim Kasher we love you.

HOT WATER MUSIC. This is probably my most memorable show. It was during the day. I was up on stage shooting photos and Thomas was filming this show for DECLINE OF THE WATERSKI MONOPOLY

MATES OF STATE. Husband and Wife getting in on….musically.

MIKE WATT. This guy might just be one of the best musicians that ever lived in our era.


SMALL BROWN BIKE. Yes, that is Travis Dopp and Chris Heavner.


Sometimes its nice to just be a tourist and carry a point and shoot around. You know, it gives the chance to do famous shots like: arm out of the window of a moving car, auto exposure, panoramic view of faraway subject and not-enough-light motion blur. It’s great. So here are few of my amateur snaps. The trip was great. I highly recommend going. It will open your eyes to the way we live.