Its no news that film is on it’s way out. Slowly, it was Kodak whacking unique films from it line, then the sudden death of Polaroid. Although there are rumors floating around about someone swooping in to save the lost art and reignite the manufacturing plant. We’ll see…I am still doubtful. Ebay is getting thin with sellers who have old Polaroid stock, not to mention the price is outrageous and expiration dates are closing in. Fuck. Is this really happening?

These are my last three Type 54’s that I had. Gone forever, yet forever carry a moment.


We all made it back alive from our pilgrimage to Lake Powell for the LF shoot. It always has it’s best and worst but I always seem to walk away with some bit of discovery. It’s the desert man….a mystical freaky place.

The say psychics can see people’s orbs radiating outside of their bodies. Here’s my soul glow. And also a long exposure night shot from Reflection Canyon.


You can’t blame ’em too much. Its like a forgotten art. People are literally forgetting how to process film correctly. it was bad enough when most of the labs just sunk into the digital abyss a few years back. Now, the ones that are left doing it are misreading old “how to” manuals. Time and patience. Something we all don’t have anymore.

It looks as though they cut the film right through the frame of my sweet little girl ruby. She is very orderly and would very upset to know that someone cut her room in half like that.


Thats the working title for our new band were forming with frontman Dan Hampson. We recently confirmed our attraction to the road and all of “her” offerings. We did 2 different trips through the south and ended up in Texas. Well, i should say “they” ended up in Texas. I flew home from Nola.

There’s a highway in all of us, it’s just up to us to see where it goes. Jump in, windows down, shirts off and go.


We had a great shoot down in AMI. Thank you to everyone who helped out while we were there. I really appreciate the willingness and all of the hospitality. The island is beautiful, but please don’t go there. I wanna live there one day and the secret has gotten out enough. I really like the local shirt I saw when I was there “AMI: Take down the other 2 bridges. ” You see….there are only 2 bridges into this place.

Ok, here are some random images form the trip.


Man….really sorry for the lack posts. Being is busy is good and bad. You discover the strange battle of feeling productive and getting behind at the same time. Its just me people….it’s just me. And no I would never clone myself. Does one of kind mean anything to you?

So, I am just going to do a series of posts from recent shoots that I’ve been on. The images in these said posts may or may not have anything to do with the actually subject we were shooting, but in hindsight turned out to be just as interesting.

These images are from a day on the beach in Anna Maria Island, FL. We were there shooting a feature on NIck Taylor and we brought in the birds for one of the portraits. This is his sister and good friend becoming the plate for the bait. The images gave me that uncomfortable/awkward feeling that I like.