Teva. Croatia.

We had such an amazing journey through the beautiful country of Croatia.  We based out of Dubrovnik, nestled comfortably in the south Dalmatia region of the country.  The town sits as a fortress on the border of the rich, blue Adriatic Sea.   Built to stand the test of time, most of the city was seemingly spared, despite heaving bombing during the 1991 attacks on what used to be Yugoslavia.   There’s a peaceful energy to the country.  Ones where the people take their time and truly enjoy the natural gifts they are offered all around them.  After Dubrovnik, we hoped aboard the Gulet Tango, a 60ft sailboat, and explored some of the many islands that set between Croatia and Italy.  We hiked through the Mljet National Park and explored the uninhabited island of Sveti Andrija.  I have so much gratitude for the opportunities that my passion for photography has given me.   Thank you Teva for building the dream team and creating the possibility to explore the wonders of the world.

Creative Direction:  Steve Hoskins

Brand Design:  Erin Tsukashima

Stylist:  Kira Shepard / Savanah Chonis

Teva. New Zealand.

We traveled down to New Zealand earlier this year for Teva.  We loaded up in van and covered a good fraction of the country in 5 days.  I always love how we float the line of control and spontaneity when we do these shoots.  More often than not it’s the unplanned moments that stand out and feel authentic.   What a beautiful country… my favorite of all that I’ve visited, I suppose.   So much gratitude for having the opportunity to see the world, meet incredible people and share the memory through pictures.

The clockwork of nature.

I pulled the canoe across the street the other night to watch these ducks come in to roost.  They do this every night and pretty accurately around 6:30pm.   Its fascinating to witness nature and it’s inhabitants tap into the instinctual clock.  It makes me wonder if we could all learn to adapt without watches and schedules to follow.   Nevertheless, its moments like these that I forget about time and the earth spinning so fast for just long enough to enjoy whats right in front of me.    Quack Quack



Tokyo 2015.

I had the opportunity to visit Tokyo in July 2015.   A beautiful place full of respect and deep-rooted tradition. The ramen bowls were ridiculous.  But, I believe it was the subtle collision of urban and garden foliage that I appreciated the most.  Such a nice, well-thought balance.

sun valley. summer.

This past July, our family spent a few weeks out in Sun Valley, Idaho.  It was a fresh a breath away from the Florida heat.   My Summers are always so busy…it’s important to remind myself to slow down when time allows and connect with my favorite crew.  These are the moments that i want to standout as we grow older and our kids become more independent.   Enjoy the smiles, make them laugh and inspire each other to do it again…

summer 3.

Back home on the lake.  I want to create memories for my kids that will make them stronger, happier people in this world.  The photos just help remind them of that.


My good friend Nate has been working on this idea for quite awhile and I’m really psyched to see him launch his baby. Its called Sharkbanz and its a magnet that you wear around your wrist or ankle that is proven to be a shark deterrent.   The magnet sends off a frequency that apparently the shark wants no part of.  Check it out.   Not bad at for those wanting a little peace of mind out there.  It was an honor to be a part of the first shoot for it.   We shot down in Miami and ran through a bunch of scenarios in one day.  Super fun crew.

Swim with LuLu

The water is warm and we dusted off the floating dock.  Our youngest daughter, LuLu is quite the little fish.  She drags me down there every night to jump off that dock and it puts a smile on my face each time.  Thanks for bringing out the kid spirit in me.  I realized it never left.  Bring on Summer.