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I’ve made use of my time here in front the big screen. Like many photographers, I have been battling with a new definition of my photographic style. I know that I have, involuntarily, been developing a look for myself over the past 10 years, but when it comes to picking portfolio shots, it can be a tough decision. Yes, first and foremost, the image has to be good. And not just good to “me”, because of some attachment I have to it. More importantly it has to make sense with the other group of images. I struggled for a long time trying to “go after” a particular style. And yes, thats great in attempts to broaden the spectrum. But in the end you truly “ARE WHAT YOU SHOOT.” So, I’ve stood back, examined what I really like to shoot, and how I would instinctively grab one of my many cameras to make a photo. I like simplicity. I like the real moments happening around me and finding a way to capture that as honestly as possible.

I’d like to hear from you. Take a look at the updated site. Tell me what you think. What do you see? There are still many oldie, but goodies on there. But I really honed in to the “ON THE ROAD” gallery. These images make me feel the best. When I look at them, they spark a memory, they look real, subjects look comfortable. Everything I want. And when i think back to taking them, It seemed so natural and simple.

here’s the link: JOSH LETCHWORTH

And here are some screen shots…..