Josh Letchworth

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It’s a pretty valid argument to say that everything in this world is connected. From the circle of life beginning with splitting atoms or the splitting of an embryo, a pattern is born. Our bodies grow and shift like the tectonic plates of this earth. There is life and death of something all the time. We breath in, we breath out. We sleep, we wake. We eat, we digest. So, anyways…I like to consider myself a visual person. And, occasionally this natural phenomenon of “relationship” comes to life right in front of our eyes. I was cruising through my photo archives as I often do and came across this photo of a tree. Its a perfect reflection of a glass calm morning on the Amazon River. I have always been fascinated with trees. They really visually represent themselves with branches reaching towards sunlight, tough skin to withstand the weather and some leaves for good measure. But this tree looked different this time around. I thought about about the reflection and how accurate it probably was to the root pattern somewhere below the surface. Then I turned the photo on its side and it became something completely different.

I can’t think of a better way to illustrate the fact that trees help give off oxygen for us to breathe. thank you trees. we are one.