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So here’s another little ditty that were going to “re-introduce” to the blog. We may have done one or two awhile back, but were going to make this the “official” introduction. THE STORY OF PEOPLE is something we’ve worked on over the years. Its just a book. Yeah, a homemade, taped together book of photos that showcase particular individuals. Just people. Nobody, somebody, anybody. It sits on our coffee table for people to enjoy when they come into the office for a visit.
When Brett worked here, this was one of his babies b/c he’s so damn handy with the pen. I would give him the photo and he would write a few lines about that person. Often times blunt, but extremely realistic. I thought i’d share some that we’ve done over the years. And since Brett was co-creator, what better person to start with. He even wrote it himself.

Interested in having your story told? Let me know….I’ve got the camera is you’ve got the time.