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Face it. We grow up. We’re told to “act our age.”. We tuck our shirts in, give firm handshakes and live up to the modern code of maturity. Well, I’m calling bullshit. We all have a kid inside of us and you gotta let em out. I have 3 kids…and if there’s anything to learn from having kids, then it’s the constant reminder that we already have the game of life figured out when were born. It just takes the next 30 years to slowly lose touch with it. Then we spend the last 30 trying to find it again.

I live in the “old” part of Lake Mary. We sit on the edge of urban sprawl, but can look out over the lake behind our house and pretend that none of it exists. Just across the lake, through the mucky marsh lands and pine forest there lies the gated golf community of “Timacuan.” It’s a nice little slice of domestica with well-manicured lawns, kids playing in the streets and businessmen driving high-powered, customized, personal golf-carts. It’s really nice and serves our purpose as growing family’s. But, I can’t help but find a little irony in the fact that we are even willing to name our urban blooms after the Native Americans that once lived here. I wonder what they would think of that country club.

Anyways….back to being a kid. Last Saturday night, my buddy Thomas (who lives in Timacuan) asked me to come over for a beer. It was 10:30pm and I just didn’t feel like taking the traditional way. And by that I mean the city’s paved thoroughfare with painted lines and street lights. So I agreed to come over, but would communicate via photo text message only to track my route. I believe he was baffled.

So…if you will….follow me on my journey…

what sets us apart

my boots

travel necessities

my vessel. Now this reallys feels right. To Timacuan in a canoe. I bet thats how they first found it.

into my own private wild

one dead soldier and little leak in the boat.

right after this photo was taken jason voorhees came out of water pulled me in.


the water level is down, so it was pretty dry

my headlamp reveals my obstacles.

tracking my progress.

mud. and no thats not a bone of some sort, but it looks like one.

entering the forest section of the adventure.

I’ve hit the Timacuan perimeter. A pretty green fence to keep us safe from people like me.


the kid in me

in the hood.


despite some cold, wet feet…I made it.

Now I know that wasn’t crossing the Rubicon or hiking Everest for God’s sake. But, for me it stood for so much. Just the simple fact that there is always an alternative route to get somewhere. Take the path less traveled, dream up an adventure and take it. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find. If anything, a little inner peace and that kid that’s been just dying to get out.