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First off Happy New Year.

I huge thanks for those that stop by this little slice of real estate that occupies only a fraction of the big dubya dubya dubya. I promise to keep it going if you keep showing up. It’s as therapeutic for me as it may be for you.

I found a way to symbolically tie this post into the place we all sit in the new born days of a new year. Open, Free and Clear to move in any direction. Sometimes I learn the most from what I shoot after I do it. The day we wandered into this field it poured rain all over us. The gear got wet, probably left some $50 item out there, ruined at least one roll of film and drove home soaked. Kind of an uncertain feeling. Much like the year ahead. Its gonna rain, but there will be moments of serene clarity for sure. Well, I’m going for it, despite what the weatherman says.

The field is ours….run free my friends..

big thanks to Chauntel and Ian. I learned something that day and thats enough.