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Wow…..where do I begin? There’s so much information that we could make a NEWSLETTER.

So, the sets have been wheeled away, the lights shut off and the trash taken out. All that remains on the surf expo floors are beer-stained flyers of unattended parties and a few old souls that were traded for a tasteless slice of stardom. You’d be surprised at what people lose.
Ok, lets lighten up a bit now. Expo is always a good time. Coming face to face with the industry that makes our world go round is nice to do once a year. It marks the beginning of another season. Out with the old and in with the new. Now all those photos on old boards are useless. Ha. I am just going to jump into a highlights list from the weekend. I think that will work best.

-Getting in without having to pay some sort of Surf Expo Fee
-The Standerd Photo Booth. Yes…everyone secretly loves having their picture taken.
-All the free beer.
-Company booth. Justin Stephen’s is a BA. Very proud of him.
-Talking to Conrad and realizing how much Gregg is becoming him.
-Sitting in oN the Oakley product preview with Matty Swanson. That dude is good.
-Staying on the same floor as Reed and Jami Lane at the Peabody.
-Sitting at an amazing table during the WBM Wake Awards. Allow me to name drop: My wife, my sister wife/best friend Kristie, Aaron Reed, Jami Lane, Danny Hampson, Ben Horan and his girlfriend Jessica. Thomas was suppose to be there, but……
-WINNING PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR when i did not expect it. Kevco had some really nice things to say about me. Thanks.
-Watching Danny win right after me for Best Video part and give a very moving and emotional acceptance speech.
-Witnessing much love for one another at our table afterwards.
-Hearing Matty Swanson say “Thank you….good night!” at the end of his acceptance speech for Push Process.
-Danny Harf’s 1260. Come on man. That was f—– ridiculous.
-Drinking too much Sake at our sushi dinner.
-Tracking Hurricane Reed as it approached central Florida and then carried away by a stalling cold front. Lives were spared and the party stayed alive.
-Showing my uncle Bill around expo for the first time. The sights can be overwhelming. Lets just say that.
-Hearing TJ remind me that WBM “honored me last night”.

Well that about does it. I am sure there were more, but thats all this Monday will allow me to recall.

Enjoy some pictures to go with the words….