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if you surf…or maybe even if you don’t, you should know who Kolohe Andino is. The dude is a rising star from San Clemente, CA and he really rips. He’s even so fortunate to have Dino Andino as a father…. an 80’s / 90’s surf legend. In fact, i think I had some of his Gotcha posters on my wall when I was a kid. Dino also played a surfer role in “Point Break.” Yes….cool.

Kolohe was signed to Nike 6.0 earlier this year and we had the chance to spend the day with him, shooting for Summer / Fall. It was a long day to say the least. I think it clocked in at around 10 hrs. We shot about 3500 photos of him. Kolohe is wise beyond his years. You wouldn’t think that he’s 16 yrs old. His favorite bands are The Talking Heads and Ziggy Stardust. C’mon, who even knows who those bands are at that age.

At the end of our day, a curiosity began to rise in all of the cameras that I was using. He took a liking to my NIkon FM so I let him shoot a couple with it.

So here we have it….me shooting him shooting me….