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Not that I ever thought he wouldn’t be, but now it is confirmed that he can still make you feel like a kid again. I was over at his house yesterday morning to shoot the Hyperlite guys for ’09 Catalog. The weather was weird. It was sunny, windy and rainy all at once. But, regardless, we made the most out it. Murray stated as we watched the sunrise…”This is going to be the most productive photo shoot ever.” Indeed it was. Murray is just a fun person to be around. He likes to turn the business down and the fun meter up. Here are few shots from our morning. I did some ride along shots and even gave him the camera for a few.

Oh….and to all you photo dudes that might try and take my idea of riding a wake surfer while shooting….BACK OFF. Ha. just kidding. But I have heard stories of people being extra protective over the secrecy of their shooting vessels. Don’t worry, I will never put on a pair of waterskis….ever.