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Yep, we shot for both in one week. If they knew that, I wonder if they would have made me sign some non-disclosure. Thats a little too much ENERGY BANG for one week. I thought my heart was gonna jump right out of my chest a vibrate on the deck of the boat. Eventually i fought through the senseless chatter and neurotic indecisiveness and got what we needed. All at 8fps rapid fire… Digital’s ways of getting high on taurine.

Here’s a couple randoms from each shoot. The fist one is from the Red Bull shoot at the shuttle launch and other one was sent to me from Brandon Parker from the rockstar shoot.

Danny H made an appearance too. He had his ‘photo shoot” radar on and picked up the strong signal firing out of the Byerly vicinity. He was there as a bystander, just bringing the vibe for the sidelines. Thanks for the dash of normalcy Dan.