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I just got the latest issue of PDN and sucked into the interview with NIgel Parry. Truly an amazing photographer that most noted for his “gritty” black and white portraits. I love when interviews really uncover a vulnerable side to a person. It shows honesty. And not mention makes me feel better about the way I am in certain situations. We’re all human.

Here’s a few highlights from the article.

‘i’ve never understood how you can give your work to someone else to print. HOw can that person know what you were trying to say when you were taking the picture?

‘Shooting a photo is nerve wracking. I’m know as one of the most sweaty people on a shoot. I’m so desperate to do well. You are making a comment about someone for everyone to see.”

When you are looking into the camera and the rest of the world does not exist, thats the right moment to press the shutter.”

“I always say anything for a photo. If you have to drop your trousers to get a laugh, by all means, drop your trousers.”

some of Nigel’s work:

Also, worth a mention, Andrew Hetherington from What’s the Jackanory? blog was awarded a well deserved 3rd place in the Digital Self Promo Awards. If you have never read his blog, please do. I think its the first time a blog has won as Self Promo tool. Congrats AH.