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So, another dive into the archives has yielded another find. 2007, Shane Bonifay at Lake Powell. This was the first morning of the shoot. I remember it being pretty cold that year. It always amazes me how cold it gets in the desert when the sun goes down. We had all started this “shoot the shooter” thing that led us to shooting all photos either of a person shooting or at least including them in the shot somehow. I love this shot of Shane. It always stood out to me. But, just the other day when i saw again, it got me thinking about if Shane still had that photo that he took. You know how those things go….shit gets lost, misplaced, erased…I figured it was gone. Not the case. I emailed Shane about it and after a little digging on his end, he came up with the goods. THere I was, in all my glory with my favorite camera and favorite filter. There is just something cool about what’s going on. A study in perspective of one simultaneous moment in time, frozen forever. Shane, thanks for capturing, persevering and finding that moment again for us.