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How about just the fact that they are amazing beings that truly keep the integrity and spirt of this world ALIVE. Hey chauvinist’s…it really is time to get off that train.

Ok, now back to what this blog entry was really about: On MARCH 7TH i’m mandating a dance party. Even though I don’t think it’s going to take my enrolling attitude to get people to shake their rump that night, just maybe I’ll inspire a few more to show up. GIRL TALK is going to play at Firestone. If you haven’t heard him…he’s basically a DJ with a laptop and thats mashes up the craziest array of songs from 80’s onward into a melting pot of “booty shake.” Their will be sweating and bumping and grinding and hipsters and cool dudes and songs that remind you of your childhood and uncontrollable body movements and not a lot of room to move. Sounds fun. See ya there.