Josh Letchworth

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The Girl / Boy ratio in our home has just recently became unbalanced. A victory to the X chromosome and the women take the majority. As a male, there’s much to learn from women and being surrounded by them on a daily basis. energy, the recognition of the emotional heart, and a better understanding of hair products, baby dolls and things that smell good. Its a priceless teaching that I would recommend to anyone.

One female characteristic that has carried through the dawn of time is long hair. They like to brush it, stick it to the shower walls, mistakenly add it to dinner recipes and tie it back with these little colored hair ties. I find these things everywhere. Seriously everywhere. I thought it was a joke at first, like some strange sign that this hair tie was following me around. So I decided to first laugh about it and then take a picture of every one that i found over the course of a month.

Stop by if you ever need one, I know where about 100 of them are.

Love you ladies.