Josh Letchworth

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Man, Gregg was a tough one to break into. In 1999, shooting with Gregg was like trying to speak with the pope. When he finally warmed up to me…or rather, caved in to my persistence, I got my time with him. Most of the morning was spent on his couch waiting for him to get up. I could see the sun getting higher and the clouds marching in. He just wasn’t cut out for morning shoots. But, eventually, he would get his “mind right’ and we’d get some midday moments on the water. We wouldn’t speak much…he would do his thing and I would do mine. And eventually after several years of this, we started to understand each other. I am proud to say that I’ve spent many many great times with Gregg up to the present. Much like the last shot that was taken on Reed’s bachelor party in the Keys. He was named “Captain Jumpy” because he wouldn’t sit still out on the boat while we were fishing. He was making us all nervous. This is a shot Capt Jumpy at the helm. He had to focus, so he was fairly still for this one.

The first shot was taken back in 1999. Again, not exactly sure if this the actual first shot ever, but its close. I had to shoot stuff for Smith Sunglasses, so I would make him sit in all these random spots to take portraits. This is his look after about 15 minutes of the same thing. I think he was over it.