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… in the mystical sense.

After a recent shoot out in the wild part of Arizona we had a free day to spend as we wished. So, Brett and I headed for Sedona. I”m sure you’ve heard the many great things that are associated with it. Let me just re-confirm that. My friend Shane said it best about Sedona…”Its not about what’s in the town of Sedona , it’s what lies all around it.”

We took a hike up Boyton Canyon, disconnected from the physical world and tapped into the spiritual. This was the site of one of the VORTEX’S. Read about it…pretty f_ing cool.

Brett led the hike so you have the privilege of seeing a lot of his backside. Enjoy some of the sights that we came across in our 4 hour journey.

trail sign. I don’t know where I”m going, but I sure know where I’ve been.

People like to build these. Its like nature’s jenga.

This was on the way down. Sorry no chron order here. Notice the drastic change in landscape that we meander through. amazing.

This oak corral looked like something from Where the Wild Thing Are.

From the b/w roll of film.

up a tree

this is the town of Jerome. We stopped there on the way to Sedona. One of the old Copper mining towns from the 19th century. Badass.

out the window. oh yeah.

Thats Sedona waaaaay down there. And, yes, thats Brett.

Our badass ride. If this thing was a convertible, we would be Daytona Spring Break certified.

sometimes you have to stop and look up.

tree hugger.

I love slightly soft, light flare photos.

f22 makes a starburst. : )

f1/4 makes for some interesting depth of field. This was some sort of spiky palm

I collect heart-shaped rocks for my daughter, but I couldn’t take this one. This is someone else’s heart. Had to bring this one home on film.

Brett’s feet and the well beaten trail. Were not the only ones that have experienced such beauty.

I wish you could touch this tree to feel how smooth it was.

sometimes you have to look down too.


The outside world. They don’t know where I”m going and I don’t know where they going.

long shadows.

When finally arrived back at the parking lot, I looked up and saw that the moon was rising. It looked like something out of Ansel adams book. I had a wide lense and one frame left. Sometimes the best camera ISN’T the one you have. ha.