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I like when Trevor Graves emails me. It always initiates the start of something good. As was the case a couple weeks ago when he asked me to be part of an art show that they were hosting in conjunction with CORIZONTAL: CAN ACTION SPORTS GROW WITHOUT LOSING IT’S SOUL? It was a frank roundtable discussion with industry leaders and athletes about the opportunities and pitfalls the future of Action Sports holds. Sounds interesting. I’m sure some points were made and epiphany’s were reached. Lets hope action sports can indeed hang on to its soul. Its amazing what people will lose these days.

So, here are some pics from the show. I wish I could have been there. My good friend Steve Hoskins, a senior art director out at Nemo took these pics for me. I submitted 4 images for the show. Only one action shot in the bunch that i sent….a dreamy shot of Nigel Sylvester doing a manual off a curb. The rest were portraits… my favorite.

Nigel Sylvester Manual
Nigel Sylvester Portait against a wall
Kolohe Andino b/w in the T-street tunnel
Ellery Holingsworth b/w portrait. She has the best smile. : )

Here’s the 4 images, plus photos of them hanging….