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Man, I felt like I actually had a real job this past week. I shot every day from Sunday to Sunday. And, I don’t know about you, but I like my weekends off. But, hey, sometimes, in the name of art and having a job that you love, I am willing to make a sacrifice. I was Space Coast to the Space needle in 24 hours. We flew out to Seattle to shoot the mountain biker, Wade Simmons, for a series of ads for Bell Helmets. it was 85 when i left and 37 when i landed. I wore everything that I had in my bag and found out quickly that a hoody sweatshirt did NOT qualify as a “jacket.” I even bought a pair of fingerless gloves. Yes, i looked like a serious badass with those things on. Bring me my photo jacket with film pockets please.

The awesome dudes at Nemo put together this production video of the shoot, CHECK IT OUT.