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Those of you who are lucky enough to know this gentlemen would agree that he is deserving of his own “week” worth of stories. It just so happens that he is getting married this Friday, so my timing is more than appropriate. Also maybe this will cheer him up a bit since his good luck streak with wake injuries came to screeching hault last week with a broken Tibia / Fibia. Ouch. No Texas 2 step at his wedding??? Uggghhhh, the humanity. A legend has fallen…but only temporarily. Our little Texas tornado has lost some steam, but will rise again.

I thought we would start with a FIRST AND LAST. I can’t really confirm the exact accuracy of the “first” photo. i dig some digging deep in the filing cabinets, to a day of Provia and colorful slide mounts. I found this one marked 2002. I know this is close to when we met. And not to mention, its a Front Blunt in 2002. The other one was from this year’s Lake Powell trip. He was getting in touch with his ancestors on the last day. This is what a week at that place will do to you.

About meeting Mr. Reed:
I can for sure remember the first time we ever shot together. The most notable thing being his length of shorts and shoe size that matched mine. It was the first wakeskater that I shot with where I could use his shoes. So, after we shot some stuff, I did just that. He pulled through the rail course out at The Wakeboard Camp and talked me into a few things I’d never done. I can remember him turning all the way around on the ski and pumping his fist in encouragement. I did my first front board that day and then even kissed the back 1/2 of the rail on a noseslide. Coudn’t believe…and either could he. It was a moment I will never forget. Hey Reed, thanks for lookin’ good for me all these years and thanks for those shoes when i need them.