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First off…Happy New Year. its gonna be a good one. Just say it.

I really enjoyed the time off. I hope you did as well. Family time for days and days. But just as usual, I eventually start to get the itch. The itch to pick up the camera and shoot something. So Like Clark Griswald, I take lead and mandate a family photo shoot in the front yard. “Be in front of the garage in 10 minutes.” Alone, of course… I scramble with gear, schlepping stuff into the driveway to what looks like the start of a photo yard sale. I love how the inspiration of an idea will disguise all hurdles that it takes to make it actually happen.

I’m finally set up, fire a test shot and with great expectations, check my results. Nothing like imagined. I spend the next….well the entire photo shoot trying to make it better and better and better etc. Looking for the perfect match to the masterpiece in my brain. You get the point. The family is breaking down, baby is crying, Max is giving me that blank stare of which I have so many pictures of, I’m sweating…all the typical signs of the creative wrestling match. But there is a lesson. There’s always a lesson. I preach it all the time. The experience is all in the journey. The results are just extra. And 9 times out of 10 they will be nothing as you expected. But the point is that you go through the journey, face the adversities and walk away with something. In this case, a Christmas memory and some cool images of my family that I will have forever.

We made our xmas card out of some of these shots. But I though it would be fun to show some that didn’t make the cut….the good, the bad and the overexposed…